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5 April 07
Convener Welcomes Executive’s Flooding Grant Aid
The Convener of The Highland Council Councillor Alison Magee has warmly welcomed confirmation from the Scottish Executive that it is to award the Council a grant of £4 million towards the cost of repairs caused by the storms in October 2006.

The Executive has also said it will further consider what funding might be available in the current financial year for the balance of the damage costs, estimated by the Council to be £6.31 million.

The news was revealed by the Convener at the last full council meeting before the 3 May elections. She read from a letter written by Transport Minister Tavish Scott.

See October 2006 For Caithness Floods Photos

Councillor Magee said: “This is excellent news from the Scottish Executive. They are meeting the full cost of the works carried out by the Council so far and have indicated that further assistance may be forthcoming later in this financial year once we have completed the repair works.”

The Convener had met and written to the First Minister seeking assistance with the costs following the floods in October 2006, which hit the East and North Coasts of the Highlands, from Dingwall to Thurso.

Councillor Charlie King, Chairman of the Transport Environmental and Community Services Committee, echoed the Convener’s welcome saying: “This is an excellent response from the Executive. The flooding was exceptional and the Executive grant avoids us having to eat into general reserves to meet the cost.”

The Council has incurred costs in repairing roads and bridges, improving inlets and installing and strengthening flood defences.