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13 May 2007
Sponsored abseil for Caithness Early Years Autism Centre
Mark Norton from Barrock, Caithness, and his father Hugh Norton braved the pouring rain on Saturday (12th May 2007) to participate in a sponsored abseil event. The fund raising initiative was Mark's idea to try to help the Caithness Early Years Autism Centre (CEYAC) raise funds for a Smart Interactive Whiteboard.

Hugh Norton and Father Mark Norton On their Sponsored Abseil

Caithness Early Years Autism Centre (CEYAC) opened in August 2000 in Wick. The purposes of CEYAC are to directly provide, or support the education of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from the ages of 4 to 8 across the county of Caithness. It was created because of the desire, whenever possible, to educate children with autism in their own local community. Children with autism have a particular way of acquiring new knowledge and skills and CEYAC uses a visual and structured approach to accommodate this.

A Smart Interactive Whiteboard cost in the region of 2000 and are of great benefit for teaching children with autistic spectrum disorder.

The father and son team have worked exceptionally hard to gain sponsorship for this abseil event. Between the two of them they have raised in excess of 1150. This goes a long way towards buying the much needed interactive whiteboard for the Caithness Early Years Autism Centre.

Their sponsored abseil was organised fby Bob Kerr of the Assynt Mountain Rescue Team and was performed at the fifty foot high sea cliffs near Forss in Caithness. Mark and Hugh are still collecting money for performing their sponsorship challenge and would welcome any additional donations to help the CEYAC purchase their smart interactive whiteboard as this will ultimately benefit the children with autism spectrum disorder in Caithness.