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Sutherland Business Pages Launched
8 April 2002


The team that built Caithness.org and Caithness Business Pages launched their latest web site todayThe Sutherland Business Pages will match the Caithness sites for speed and offer the same services including Free business Pages with all details and eventually a picture of the premises or other suitable picture.  Niall and Bill Fernie intend to give Sutherland the same treatment as Caithness by bringing one the fastest loading web sites onto the Internet. 

Raising The Profile Fast
The new site will get plenty of promotion via the Internet search engines.  But for extra coverage and to make sure everyone knows about it their will be an advertising campaign in the Northern Times for the full 12 weeks of the initial development stage.

You may also see Bill appearing over the horizon with camera in hand taking pictures of Sutherland Businesses to to enhance the pages and heighten their interest to potential users.   The intention is to make the Sutherland Business pages one of the most useful guides for the area.

The Caithness Business Pages has a comprehensive listing of many business sectors and one of the busiest is the tourist listings.  It is intended that the new Sutherland Business accommodation sections will similarly become very well known.  There will be many links made via the existing network of sites currently controlled by Scorrie Internet Services the business arm of Bill and Niall's operations.

Banner Advertising
A recently upgraded banner advertising system allows the web site to carry targeted banner advertising to raise the profile of any web sites in the circulating banner ad system.   If you would like your Sutherland web site to have a higher profile contact us for a low cost banner ad.  niall@caithness.org.  Banner ads will sit on your FREE page and circulate round the pages of many of our existing web sites.

Property Advertising
Low cost property advertising will be available for properties in Sutherland.  The cost per ad will  be one off charge of 20 for full particulars including a photograph.  Further pictures can be added for a small extra charge.  But the big point is the one off charge and no repeat fees.  The property will remain on the site until sold.   No matter where else a property is advertised this has to be worth the small charge.

Contact and Entry
Sutherland businesses will be contacted over the next 12 weeks to confirm their details for their FREE listing.    If a Sutherland business owner wants to be included early then they can complete the Online Submission Form.  Remember the Sutherland Business site covers many classifications including government, medical and many other local services.  If you are a manager and want your service listed contact us.

For further information or details contact Niall on 01955 609213 or Bill on 01955 604648.