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Balmore Animal Centre      
Time Running Out For Support Messages For Balmore Animal Centre 16 April 03
The clock is ticking for the demise of the SSPCA animal centre at Balmore.  The centre near Thurso could well be one of the places to be closed in Scotland at a crunch meeting later this month.  The Friends Of Balmore group have been getting as many signatures on their petition as they could.  They have been out campaigning locally and placed their petition in many shops and public places.

The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals has announced drastic proposals to reduce the running costs of the society. This review has been brought about by increased operational costs and adverse stock market conditions, which have reduced income and the value of financial reserves available to the Society.

It is not clear at present what will happen to staff from the centres that might close but it seem likely that Animal Welfare Officers will be made redundant. 

The proposals are that some of the animal Welfare Centres be closed. Balmore Animal Welfare Centre, situated on the outskirts of Thurso, at Dounreay is one of these centres proposed to close. This Centre is the most northerly SSCPCA Animal Welfare Centre and cares for animals and birds from Caithness, Sutherland and Orkney. By closing Balmore AWC it would leave Inverness as the nearest Centre for neglected, sick, injured or unwanted animals from the far north of Scotland and the Orkney Isles. The transfer of animals to Inverness, which is already a busy Centre and is often full, will be problematic as well as the increased stress experienced by the animals involved.

Since the establishment of the Balmore Welfare Centre, it has cared fo thousands of animals and birds. So what will happen to our animals oif the animal; Welfare Centres are all full? Will they Be Put To Sleep? Will the stress off being transported hundreds of miles be too much for them? What will happen to the animals that are simply not fit enough to be transported? Will They Be Humanely Destroyed????

If you cannot find a petition to sign then messages of support can be sent to  graham@dunbeath44.fsnet.co.uk 

Graham Thornhill, Chairman, Friends of Balmore Crisis Group
Contact Tel 01593 731 305