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Scottish Parliament Candidates At Watten Hustings
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5 April 03
Good Turnout At Watten Hall
With almost a month to go the Scottish Crofting Foundation got the election off to a flying start with a surprisingly good turnout at Watten Hall on Friday 4 April 2003.

All of the main players were there and the only change from the notified candidates speaking was David Jardine (Green Party) who replace Eleanor Scott who had been at another meeting that day in the south.


The candidates who took to the platform were -
Alan MacLeod - Conservative
David Jardine - Scottish Green Party
Gordon Campbell - Indpendent
Deirdre Steven - Labour
Jamie Stone - Liberal Democrat
Rob Gibson - Scottish National Party
Frank Ward - Scottish Socialist Party

Al candidates were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and then the meeting was thrown open to questions from the audience.