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Caithness News Bulletins April 2003

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Scottish Water Stops Firemen's Charity Fundraising Car Washes
Lets face it no one wants to waste water or cause a hazard but is Scottish Water being a bit too heavy handed in applying the rules for the use of the Hydrants in a good cause.  There may be places where it is inappropriate but surely they should be coming up with a decent explanation for banning something that has gone on for several years and this is the first anyone is hearing of a problem concerning the car washes in Wick. 

Highlighted in the John O'Groat Journal today is the fact that the Wick firemen who have raised a lot of money washing cars on Saturdays about twice a year have now been forced by Scottish Water to call it a day.  This is despite the fact that the firemen regularly use the hydrants when accessing water to put our fires and know what they are doing. 

Risk Assessment and more paper work seem to be at the root of it but  although Scottish Water have denied an embargo on charity events using hydrants it seems they are going to have to accept some blame for the cessation of the events.  Can they not give permission to groups who already regularly use hydrants without the need for a huge exercise in paperwork.  A little trust as in the past would seem to be needed here!!!!