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April 7, 2004 [New York, NY] - Last night, hundreds gathered in New York City to celebrate Scotland and honor the Forbes family with The American-Scottish Foundation (ASF) presentation of The Wallace Award.  Alan Bain, President of the ASF, presided over the awards ceremony at Scotland Magazine's "Icons of Scotland" dinner where Wallace, Christopher and Moira Forbes accepted the honour.

Jack Webster, Christopher Forbes, Alan Bain, Moira Forbes and Wallace Forbes celebrate The Wallace Award,
presented by The American-Scottish Foundation, at the "Icons of Scotland" dinner on April 6, 2004, in New York City.

"New York City and the American-Scottish community is indebted to both the Forbes family's generosity and its proud acknowledgement of its Scottish heritage. They recognize their heritage as a source from which they draw strength," said Bain.  "Each member of the Forbes family has inherited the tradition of commitment to business, public service and philanthropy."

Wallace F. Forbes accepted the award on behalf of his father, B.C. Forbes; Christopher Forbes came forward to accept award on his own behalf and on behalf of his brothers and sister: Steve Forbes, Robert L. Forbes, Timothy C. Forbes and Moira Forbes Mumma; and Moira Forbes accepted the award on behalf of her Grandfather, Malcolm S. Forbes.  Jack Webster, noted author and journalist, and cousin of B.C. Forbes' school teacher, also presented a special tribute.

First awarded in 1970, The Wallace Award recognizes both American and Canadian citizens of Scottish descent for outstanding achievement in their field.  Honorees have come from such diverse backgrounds as the arts, business, diplomacy, education, fashion, government, law, military, and sports.  Past recipients of the Wallace Award include news commentators and authors Hugh Downs and Robert MacNeil and actor Sir Sean Connery.

About The American-Scottish Foundation
Founded in 1956, The American-Scottish Foundation, Inc. is the preeminent, U.S.-based, national, non-profit membership organization dedicated to bringing institutions and individuals of Scotland and the United States together through the pursuit of contemporary cultural, educational and economic interests.

The Foundation plays an integral role in American-Scottish undertakings throughout the year which includes operating "Scotland House," an epicenter of American-Scottish activity in New York City; presenting the prestigious Wallace Award in recognition of leading Americans of Scottish descent for outstanding contributions to society; hosting networking events and cultivating relationships in Scotland and the United States between prominent Scottish and American-Scottish individuals and companies; and sponsoring national and local Tartan Day programs.

A leader in national American-Scottish affairs, The Foundation is a founding member of both the Scottish Coalition and the Scottish Leadership Conference. The Foundation is also a founding member of New York City's Tartan Day leadership group, the National Tartan Day New York Committee.