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August 2002

Bill and Aline Mowat Celebrate Golden Wedding In Wick

Bill and Aline Mowat celebrated their golden wedding on Friday 2 August having been married on 2 August 1952 at Kings College Chapel, Aberdeen University.  Bill first saw Aline when he was fourteen years old riding her bicycle.  They have three children Alison, Lesley and Aline - a well known actress.  they also have five grand children.


When they first settled down as a married couple it was at 70 Lower Dunbar Street where they stayed for 6 years.  The arrival of their three girls set them on course to build a new house at Coronation Street.  an unusual record perhaps reflecting the post war period in Wick is that the house they now live in built and 1958 was the first new house to go through planning regulations since 1938.

Bill in addition to running the family business of drapers in Wick for many years had an extensive political career being provost of wick from 1967 - 1975 and for nearly 20 years was a councillor on the old Caithness District Council.  He was awarded the MBE in 1997.

Aline was a music teacher before retiral and was well known for her choirs especially the Arion Choir where many members went off on trips in various competitions and performances.  The choir performed with many well known Scottish singers.

On Friday 2 August over 40 members of the family gathered at Mackays hotel, Wick for a dinner.  Next day Bill and Aline entertained a larger group 0f over 110 family, friends and neighbours at a lunch in a marquee erected in their garden at Coronation Street.