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August 2002

Subpostmaster Wanted In Dunnet
Post Office Launches Appeal For New Postmaster In Dunnet
The Post Office is launching an appeal for a local person to come forward and provide a Post Office service to the community of Dunnet.

The Post Office is looking to find a new subpostmaster or subpostmistress who would be able to spare 12 hours per week, on days to suite him or her, to help to keep the Post Office service in the village.

Applications for this role should be received no later than Monday 26 August. To get information and an application for you can contact agency Recruitment on 0845 601 6260.

Anyone interested in running the Post Office will also need to provide premises although not necessarily a shop as Post Offices can be run from many different premises. There are Post Offices run from people’s homes, which take up no more space than a large cupboard. Garden sheds, village halls, community halls and the local pub have all been used to provide Post Office services in the past.

Post Office Rural Transfer Advisor, Kenny Lamond said:”Post Office branches are very often at the heart of communities providing a vital resource., particularly in rural communities. We remain committed to a strong and vibrant network of Post Offices, however to do this, we require public spirited individuals to come forward and take on this role.

“We’d urgently like to hear from potential applicants, with premises available. The sooner people contact, the quicker we can begin to explore the possibilities of getting up and running again.”

The office will be linked up to the Post Office network through the electronic Horizon programme. This means full training and back-up support will be provided. There will also be a touch-screen terminal, keyboard and a small printer for printing receipts. This small computer will make existing services much more efficient and secure.

Until the service is restored customers can collect pensions and benefits from Castletwon Post Office. The next nearest alternative is Mey.

If you would like more information about running a Post Office and about the role of a subpostmaster you should telephone Agency Recruitment on 0845 601 6260.