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400 participants from all over the county and much much more will line the streets of Wick on the 19th September.

Activities at the Edinburgh Festival may be coming to an end but they are just beginning in Caithness. Excitement grows as the myth of 'Assipattle' uncovers a piece of Caithness history.

The Show
Assipattle, a young boy, heroically slays a fearsome fire-breathing dragon and wins the hand of the beautiful princess, Gemdelovely.  This story is often claimed to be an Orcadian myth.  However, it is a fitting myth strongly belonging to Caithness as the remains of the dragon's body  are believed to have formed the Orkney and Shetland Isles.

The streets of Wick will witness a thrilling promenade performance of ‘Assipattle’. The old Caithness Myth is a tale of love, dragon slaying and triumph.

A terrifying monster, the Stoorworm, terrorises the land. The good King’s attempts to rid the land of this fearful beast are thwarted by the evil step queen and the wicked sorcerer. The love for the beautiful princess, Gemdelovely, forces a young boy, Assipattle, to rid the country of the evil monster, restoring peace to the land. 

A wonderful display of music and activity in the Market Square marks the beginning of the adventure. Then winds its way through the streets of Wick. Around every corner a new segment of the adventure unfolds. The spectacular finale reveals a burst of excitement with celebrations lining the harbour front. There will be a wonderful display of fireworks, historic boats and powerful fiery images.

Caithness Community Projects
Caithness Community Projects has been set up to bring together school, youth and community groups across Caithness to create this large-scale event. Participation is free with professionals holding workshops in musical collaborations, theatre skills, choreography and costume design.

This year over 400 participants from all over Caithness will work with the director, Martin Danziger, and a group of professionals many of whom are originally from the county of Caithness.

Caithness Community Projects has a team of professionals with strong Caithness connections. Louise Allan (director), choreographer Nicola Muir, Mairi McGregor (music and production) and costume designer Cathy Paterson work along side, Robbie Jack (director), and the project director, Martin Danziger, who has worked as a drama worker and workshop leader on Community Projects within Caithness since 1997.

Groups getting involved in this production include MADD (Music, Art, Dance & Drama), Karen Cameron School of Dance, Elise Lyall School of  Dance, Lorraine Bremner School of Dance, NRG School of Dance, Violet Leitch School of Dance, Addie Harper and friends, Big Band, Marellian  Majorettes, Sub Aqua Club, Wick RBLS Pipe bands, Thurso Players, DGWAN, Caithness Schools Wind Band, Wick and Thurso High school drama classes.  Many more groups are still to be confirmed.

Already rehearsals and workshops are taking place in schools and rehearsal areas throughout the county in stilt walking, fire baton routines, musical collaborations and dance/movement classes.  Paper lanterns are being built and designs taking shape. Every day the performance is growing as groups get involved in the making of this large-scale extravaganza with huge support and enthusiasm from local businesses and members of the community.

Theatre Modo
CCP is organised by Theatre Modo, an award winning Scottish company, formed to bring to life the magic of theatre. Theatre Modo prides itself on shows that celebrate theatre at its best, engaging, inspiring and entertaining its audiences. Theatre Modo specialises in large-scale out-door spectacles using fire, circus, theatre, dance and music to create a highly visual style of production. We have performed across Europe, in theatres, schools, festivals and outdoors.

This is not one to Miss!

Date: 19th September 2003
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Market Square, Wick, Caithness
Tickets: This event is free and unticketed although donations welcome.
Please note: dress for a September night in the North of Scotland.