Chief Executive Pay Rise
28 December 2001

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The salary of the Chief Executive of The Highland Council is to increase as the result of an independent review of all Chief Executives salaries in Scotland by Sir Neil McIntosh and the conclusion of negotiations with the Employees side of the Scottish Joint Negotiating Committee for Local Authorities Services (Chief Officials) (SJNC).

Mr Arthur McCourt, will receive 111,240 from 1 April, next year and 119,768 from1 April, 2003. His current salary is 99,831.  He is the senior officer of the Council, which employs more than 11,000 staff and has an annual spending of 380 million.

Approval of the increases was given by the Council at its meeting on 20 December, when councillors were told that an annual appraisal system for Chief Executives is to be introduced and that the SJNC will develop principles for the Council to use.

Here it is in a few other currencies at 28 December 2001
111,240 From 1 April 2002
$161,020 US Dollars
$257,189 Canadian Dollars
 182,449 Euro's
 316,084 Australian Dollars
 1,197,223 French Francs
 1,222,801 Hong Kong Dollars
 21,143,072 Japanese Yen
 7,771,080 Indian Rupees
 353,348,757 Italian Lire

 or 36,052 Silver Ounces
          580 Gold Ounces
          339 Platinum Ounces

or a heck of a lot of Groats

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