Know Your Rights Booklet
10 December 2001

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The launch of Northern Constabulary's "Check it out - Know your rights" booklet will take place at 11am on Tuesday 11th December 2001, at the New Communities School, Inverness High School, Inverness.  At a meeting of Highland Youth Voice in June of this year, suggestions were invited as to how Northern Constabulary could become more "youth friendly".

Two suggestions referred to young persons having more information about their rights and more information on recruitment.
With this in mind, the "check it out - know your rights" booklet was developed by Northern Constabulary's Operational Support staff with Highland Youth Voice being consulted throughout the process.  The booklet is aimed at the age group 14 to 18

It is hoped that the booklet will be used as part of the school liaison package and there is scope for it to be re-written so that it would be suitable for primary school children.

The booklet is divided into six sections namely :
"Young people and the Police",
"Young people and drugs",
"Young people and alcohol",
"Young people and personal safety",
"Young people and vehicles"

A total of 20,000 booklets have been printed and these will be distributed to schools, youth clubs, youth cafes, swimming pools and any other places where young people meet.