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More  demolition  of redundant buildings has brought further changes to the skyline  at  Dounreay. The latest facilities to be knocked down are the old farmhouse  and  the former fast reactor facilities building known as D8542.  Both  buildings  have  been  cleared  to  make way for new plants needed to retrieve  and  manage  waste from the shaft and silo. Construction of D8542 was   completed  in  1962  with  the  work  carried  out  by  the  Aberdeen construction  firm, Alexander Hall & Son (Builders) Ltd. Its purpose was to provide  workshop  and laboratory facilities in support of the fast reactor development programme, and to provide office facilities for its engineering staff. 

When  the  Dounreay Fast Reactor closed, the building was put to a number of other uses, including storage of the site archives.  Latterly, it housed  the  Project  Services  Department and its main workshop stored the cores  drilled  from  around  Dounreay  as  part  of  the site's geological investigations.  All  stone, brick and concrete rubble from the demolitions will  be removed and used as in-fill for the void left behind following the demolition of the DFR seawater pump-house.