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Dounreay - Past Present Future

This section gives a brief outline Dounreay site  - its buildings and facilities in the context of the decommissioning programme that has now begun and will run for up to 50 or 60 years.   The UKAEA has supplied photographs showing some earlier aspects and information for the section.  Other information and pictures may be added from time to time.  More detailed information of the decommissioning may be found on the UKAEA web site.

Early Pictures Gallery


Aspects Of The Dounreay Site
The Old Runway
Fuel Cycle Area
AWA/RWE Descaling
Police Dogs
Training Facility
Materials Test Reactor

DCP and Store Extension
Waste Receipt Assay Characterisation & Supercompaction
Medical Isotopes
Environmental Monitoring Labs
Main Work Shops
RWE Nukem Headquarters
DFR - Dounreay Fast Reactor
Waste Shaft
Liquid Effluent Treatment Plant
PFR - Prototype Fast Reactor
Dounreay Foreshore
Dounreay Castle
Wet Silo
Whatings Hangar
Fire Brigade
Occupational Health

The Future
The job now is to dismantle everything on the site - except, of course, the sphere.  It represents one of the biggest environmental and engineering challenges in the UK today and lets Dounreay once again be at the forefront of a new and exciting business - the decommissioning of redundant nuclear facilities once they reach the end of their lives.