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Multi-million Pound Contract Will Create 200 New Jobs

Four  companies  have  been  named today as the preferred bidders to form a design  alliance with the UK Atomic Energy Authority for one of the largest construction projects in the Dounreay Site Restoration Plan.

Atkins  (design  integrator), Serco Assurance (building services and safety and  environment),  Taylor  Woodrow (civil engineering) and Weir Strachan & Henshaw  (mechanical  handling)  will work with UKAEA to form an integrated team  capable  of providing a concept design for a solid intermediate-level
waste store in 2004 and the detailed design by 2005.


Subject  to  regulatory and planning consents, construction is due to begin in  late  2005.  The three-year construction phase is expected to create up to 200 jobs and cost several tens of millions of pounds.

Almost 10,000m3 of intermediate-level waste (ILW) is expected to arise from the  decommissioning  and  site restoration of Dounreay over the next 50-60 years.  This  is equivalent in volume to 70 double-decker buses. Waste will be  conditioned  and  stored  in  the  proposed  new  facility, pending the implementation  of  a  national  policy  for  the  long-term  management of intermediate-level waste.

UKAEA Dounreay site director Peter Welsh said: "The conditioned waste store is  one  of the largest and most important projects in the site restoration plan and is an important milestone on the road to its delivery.  "I expect  the  construction  phase  to  generate  major  sub-contracting opportunities  for the local economy. I am pleased that the companies, some of  whom  have existing bases here, have been in contact with the Highlands and  Islands  Enterprise network to discuss how to maximise these potential opportunities."

Mr  Neil Buchan, UKAEA senior project manager for the store, said the store formed an integral part of the forward strategy for management of ILW waste that will arise through the decommissioning and remediation of the Dounreay site.   "The store will provide safe and secure interim storage pending the development  of a UK national strategy for the long term management of such waste," he said.

Serco Assurance selected for UKAEA Dounreay
Conditioned Waste Store Project

Serco Assurance has been made preferred bidder for two of the five contracts for the recently announced Conditioned Waste Store project at the UKAEA Dounreay site. The first role tasks Serco Assurance to undertake the key responsibility of Building Services and Facilities Management Consultant. Under the second contract Serco Assurance will provide solutions to the vital issues surrounding safety and protecting the environment.

The new facility to be constructed will provide a secure and modern environment for the storage of almost 10,000m3 of conditioned intermediate-level waste (“ILW”) that will arise during the decommissioning and site restoration work over the next 50-60 years. This is equivalent in volume to 70 double-decker buses.

Phil Edwards, Managing Director of Serco Assurance, said “We are delighted that Serco Assurance has this opportunity to build upon over 40 years experience with UKAEA. As the largest safety consultancy in the UK nuclear sector, we have the skills and resources to provide expert advice on the facility management and meet the challenge of implementing safety management regimes or this important project.

We have chosen to work with Babtie Group and Jacobs on these contracts. Babtie Group will provide our specialist design consultancy for this project. Jacobs will provide specialist knowledge and experience of Environmental Impact Assessment in the context of UK plant. Together we are committed to the delivery of this crucial milestone in the overall site restoration plan”.

Construction of the new facility is expected to begin in 2005, and it is scheduled to be ready for active commissioning by the end of 2008. In the region of 200 jobs will be created during its construction, which is expected to cost several tens of millions of pounds.