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Highland Council Candidate - Wick West
Bill Fernie - Independent

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bill Fernie and I am standing as an Independent Candidate in the ward of Wick West for the coming Highland Council election.

From my employment in both government departments and the private sector I have a wealth of experience, having held positions in the GPO, Scottish Education and the Inland Revenue where I was an Inspector of Taxes. In more recent years I have been employed in the voluntary sector that also encouraged me to take positions on a wide range of committees in a voluntary capacity. For the last two years I have been developing the Internet business with my son.

In recent times I have represented Caithness East on the Highland Health Council and been a director of Highland Community Care Forum. I have sat on several local committees such as Caithness Community Care Forum and the Care of the elderly Group. I am currently an unpaid director of Highland Housing and Community Care Trust building houses for the frail elderly and disabled people (44 to date).

Having travelled widely round the North of Scotland, particularly in Caithness, I have developed a never ending curiosity about new and better way of doing things. In recent years my travels have taken me as far afield as Finland and the United States examining organisations and small businesses looking at how they were run and to find new ideas that might be useful for the employment of people with disabilities.

Always on the lookout for practical ideas I saw the possibility of promoting Caithness with a magazine-style Web site on the Internet. A great deal of my time in the last few years has been spent developing content for the award winning Caithness.org site. With my knowledge of the local community groups, health & social services. A highly comprehensive collection of useful information has been put together about Caithness.  The web site has a huge range of information including tourist information, news and thousands of local photographs.

My goal has always been to promote the county of Caithness and its people. I now ask for the opportunity to turn my drive and determination towards the Highland Council and to represent the people of Wick West in Caithness and the Highlands.


Bill Fernie
Independent Candidate for the ward of Wick West in the Highland Council

Bill has contributed to many conferences covering health, community care, volunteering, legislation for the charity sector, employment for people with disabilities and cyberspace.   His interests are wide reaching and he is not afraid of taking on new challenges.  Housing and employment combined with enterprise are his current issues and he reads widely on many subjects that are of interest to Caithness.  his goal over the last four years since the last election has been to use the Internet to place Caithness firmly in cyberspace and promote the technology that shrinks distances for all types of information for business and leisure.  That is why Broadband for Caithness has been one of several campaigns he has promoted online.  But it is at the human level that for may folk the issues are of utmost importance.  Housing, Health, Education  and Employment are fundamental and the need to have a well organised and funded solution to each of these is he believes at the heart of a thriving community.  Added to this a good infrastructure to ensure the well-being of the elderly and the many groups helping people with their problems are also need to ensure every person has what they need.  Rounding that all off the need to build upon the strong culture based activities in Caithness and grow them for local leisure time and for the benefit of everyone  - born and bred, incoming workforce and tourists. 

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Printed and published by Bill Fernie