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  Elections May 2003
Bob Graham - The Protect Rural Scotland Party

Are you bothering to vote on May 1st? Or like the 45% who normally don't bother, are you thinking "what is the point, nobody listens?" WELL I'M LISTENING, because I've had my fill of the hypocrisy, broken promises, sleaze and cronyism that emanates from Holyrood. Many of our politicians seem to have forgotten why they were elected. These are the reasons why I am standing as a "List" MSP for the Highlands and Islands (this includes Moray) in the forthcoming elections.

If I am elected, you will have, for the first time ever, a loud, independent voice in the Scottish Parliament. For the next 4 years I will represent your views and concerns unfettered by political ambition or personal gain. With your trust and your vote, I fervently believe that we will make a difference.