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  Elections May 2003
Deirdre Steven - Scottish Labour Party

Deirdre Steven Profile
I was born and brought up in Thurso and educated at Miller Academy and Thurso High School. I went to Stirling University and completed a BA in English and Sociology.   Following University I worked as a Social worker in Wick, and then took time out to raise my two children, Matthew aged 15 and Rebecca 18.

I returned to work as the training and development manager with Caithness Citizen’s Advice Bureau. Since 1999 I have been working as manager for the Highlands and Islands MSPs, Peter Peacock ( deputy finance minister), Maureen Macmillan and Rhoda Grant.

In 1999 I was elected to Highland Council representing Wick West, and took on the area portfolio for housing. In that role I promoted the “warm and dry” programme, bringing forward huge investment in double glazing and insulation. Prior to my election to Highland council I was chair of Wick Community Council. I am chair of the Pultneytown Family Resource Centre Project, and a director of the Caithness Mental Health Support Group. I am a member of Wick High School Board, and of the Northern Joint Police Board.

I have played a leading role in the development of the Highland domestic abuse strategy, and have been proactive in the successful bid for a woman’s refuge in Caithness.  I have been heavily involved in the campaign to upgrade A9 and am a member of Wick Airport Consultative Committee. I have also been successful in working to keep the all-weather pitch for Wick on the agenda.

One campaign that has given me great heart has been the Maternity Unit Must Stay (MUMS) campaign in Wick. The success of MUMS brought home to me how much can be achieved when a community comes together with one voice and a single purpose. It supported my belief in the potential of community to not only protect itself but to go one step further and develop itself, its services and its infrastructure for the common good. There is so much more we can deliver by working together to identify solutions to local problems.

Deirdre Steven with Jack McConnell


To contact Deirdre: telephone 01955 609105 or email 
deirdre.steven@fsmail.net or write to Ellisland, Miller Avenue,Wick KW1 5DF

5 April 03
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