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Highland Council Candidate -
Donald Mackay - Independent

When I am asked " why are you running for election to the highland council?"

My reply has been;
i believe party politics should not be involved in local government, I would like to see more localised decision making and accountability.

My former 36 years work experience and knowledge of local government allows me an insight that I believe would be an advantage to my electors.

I can assure you that my door will always be open for personal callers.

I make one promise, if elected, that is to represent the people of my ward, my town and my county to the best of my abilities and bring back local accountability together with traditional values with a personal touch and some much needed common sense, sadly so lacking in these times.

There is a term "public servant", so rarely used now, used now. if elected, I will not forget that it was the people who elected me and it is the people that i serve.

I already have experience and involvement with local community groups which include:- Thurso community council - Pentland Housing Association - highland council social work - meals on wheels and thurso beyond 2000.

Thank you,
Donald M Mackay, Canditate for Thurso Central.