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  Elections May 2003
Gordon Campbell - Independent

Gordon Campbell
Independent - Intelligent - International
The People's choice - The Northern Voice
Born in Watford on Coronation Day 1937.
He came to Sutherland in 1942 and has been coming regularly ever since, buying a house in Dornoch in 2002.  Leaving school at 17 and going down the road he saw service in the RAF Regiment in the Isle of Man, Catterick, Gloucester, Hednesford and Germany.
After four years at college studying P.P.E., Geography and Education his first teaching post was at Geelong Grammar School, Victoria, Australia.  The five years at this big school with 1500 pupils were rewarding, fruitful, fulfilling and satisfying.
Two years at Cuddiesdon college under Dr Runcie followed.
Since 1967 Gordon Campbell has spent 35 years in Stuttgart as teacher translator and simultaneous interpreter.  He speaks fluent German and in Edinburgh will play a leading role promoting tourism.
Germany, Switzerland, Austria come to mind - while fostering and promoting educational excellence.  his deep continental and commonwealth experience could prove useful.  This is Gordon's third election candidature in Caithness, Sutherland and East Ross as the intelligent, international and independent candidate.
Gordon Campbell is singular, like Tarbat Ness lighthouse, a symbol, a beacon and a wake up call for us all.

5 April 03
Watten Hustings

2 April 03
Back in The Running
Gordon Campbell who had dropped out after some bad personal news has again re-entered the election trail.  He has confirmed he will be standing as candidate for the Scottish Parliament

26 February 03
Gordon Campbell or the the Caithness Capercaillie as he refers to himself is after the Liberal Democrats..  His challenge to the present holder of the seat comes in the form of an attack on the Lib Dem policies. Over all of the years that they have been in power in the north.  listing all of the Liberals in the north from Archibald Sinclair to Charles Kennedy he maintains they have done little and have no vision and no fire..  He reckons people are already disillusioned with the Scottish Parliament and that the Lib Dems have looked at a Tourism Shambles.. He portrays himself as the Tourist Candidate and emphasises his fluent German speaking and the promotion of the area he hopes to do when he wins the seat.