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James Crawford - Countryside Party

James Crawford

The Countryside Party
Fighting for all rural issues

On the 1st May 2003, you will have the opportunity to safeguard the future of our countryside and our rural way of life. The Countryside Party is the only political party dedicated to the defence of traditional rural Scotland.
Ask yourself the following – Are you satisfied with the performance of your MSP’s over the past four years? Each MSP cost you the taxpayer about £165,000 per year over the past four years – Did you get value for money?

Do you care about our countryside?
Do you care about the future of our fishing and farming industries?
Do you live work or just enjoy our beautiful countryside?
Do you want to see an end to the old failed political system?

The Countryside Party is asking for your second or list vote. We will fight to keep what is left of our rural traditions, while promoting the countryside as a vibrant working environment. The economic hardship currently imposed on our farmers and fishermen must be reversed unless we are to see the Highlands and Islands become a massive theme park where only the preservationists can stray from the well worn paths.

Please Give The Countryside Party Your

Contact James Crawford
The Croft, Sunnyside, Culloden Moor, Inverness, IV2 5EE
Telephone 01463 790586
Email: cparty@btinternet.com
Web: www.countrysideparty.org

The Countryside Party - Fighting for rural issues

The Countryside Party - Highlands and Islands

4 March 03
On the 1st May 2003 The Countryside Party will be asking for your second vote. When you arrive at the polling station you will have “Two” votes, the first we would suggest you use as normal for the candidate representing the Party which you think will best represent your views over the next four years, as we will only be standing for the second vote. The second or list vote we would like you to give to us, The Countryside Party.

If you have always voted Conservative, Labour or Liberal then we would encourage you to examine their performance over the past four years and then use your vote wisely for the benefit of all of Scotland. We have seen the current executive made up of a coalition between Labour and the Liberal–Democrats waste the wonderful opportunity it had to show that Scotland and the Scots had learned from the mistakes of the various governments in Westminster over the past 300 years.

The ability of the current executive with its large urban majority to rule for all in a democratic country has been blighted by laws such as Section 28, two and a half years in futile debate on the question of Hunting with Hounds, Land Reform, and Access to the countryside: laws that were of no concern to the vast majority of Scots who are more concerned about Law and Order, security of their homes, the Drug Epidemic, University Fees for their children and the awful state of our Public Transport.

The “Laberals” as this executive must now be called, as there is no difference between the Labour and Lib-Dem’s anymore, could not pass up the opportunity to indulge in politics of class, determined to weaken the landowners and anyone associated with them. The loss of rural jobs and the death of rural communities did not enter their mind as they indulged themselves in political “payback”.

If you work, live or just enjoy our wonderful countryside and our traditional rural way of life where the welfare of people and rural diversity are the norm, then give The Countryside Party your second vote.

Thurso Meeting
A crowd of over forty people assembled in the Town Hall Thurso to hear Jim crawford from the countryside party give a presentation. Mr Crawford started with the observation that the public`s voice is no longer listened to. He cited over 400, 000 people marching on London in 2003 to protest about all Rural issues and of the more recent millions of people who protested over a possible war in Iraq which both had the same outcome----ignored.
Mr Crawford then went on to emphasise the need to get a candidate inside the parliament so that there would be a voice to represent them. He claimed that, although he might not have the expertise to represent us on all Rural issues, he would listen to the people in Rural areas and act upon their concerns.
Mr Crawford went on to say that, for the past four years, the labour/lib-dems executive has been trying to settle issues from the past which are based on bigotry and class hatred and having them enshrined in law------he quoted the recent compulsory purchase aspect of the land reform bill as an example.The audience responded in a very positive way to these assertions.
Responding to a question from the audience about Pensioners having to open bank accounts to receive their pensions Mr Crawford stated that the Countryside party would take on any issue that had the concerns of the people adding that the Party was a free spirit which was not weighed down by the political baggage of other parties which would have to toe the line on many issues. Mr Crawford ended by saying that he expected people to vote as normal but he asked people to consider giving their SECOND vote to the Countryside Party which would give them a voice INSIDE the parliament.