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Highland Council Candidate - Thurso West
Jim Fry - Independent

A Message From Jim Fry
Dear Elector,
I am standing as an Independent Candidate because NO ONE PARTY HAS ALL THE ANSWERS.  I want to be answerable to all electors not one party and believe such attitudes carry more weight in local government committees than does any party line.
I am very experienced in local government, 25 years approx. community and public bodies 30 years.   I offer you the knowledge arising from this experience.  I will be putting 100% effort into getting a really worthwhile BUDGET transferred from Inverness to Caithness thus allowing more decisions to be taken LOCALLY.
I hope to make sure our area is maintained and approved at as high a level as possible e.g.  Pathways, Roads, Play Areas, Housing etc.,  A rising standard of education for all.   These are a few ideas and if elected I expect to hear more from you all.
Finally my assurance if elected I will serve you to the best of my ability in Caithness and Inverness but will always put Thurso West and its people first every time.
Jim Fry.