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Bower Gala
16 - 19 August 2001

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A Competition To Say What These Old Tools Were Used For On The Farm

Here are the answers for the old tool competition. 1.Simmon Crook for making straw rope. 2.Firemans Axe 3.Casration Knife 4.Tool for tieing wool bags 5. Cobbler Rule for measuring feet 6. Lamb Resuscitator 7. Butter Mould 8. Feerinf Pole 9. Oil Flask Holder 10. Applicator for Plastic Ear Tags 11. Wire Tie twisting tool 12. Funnel for dosing Cattle/Horses 13. Sheaf Rake 14. Leather Strap Cutting Knife 15. Nipple Drinker 16. Masher for packing Saddles & Collars 17. Wrought Iron Former 18. Leg/Tail Tag for Cattle 19. Lambing Aid 20. Piece of Schrapnel 21. Hair Ball from Cows Stomach 22. Hains for Horse Collar 23. Wallpapering Aid 24. Sheaf Knife 25. Wire Winding Tool 26. Tubeless Tyre Repair Plug 27. Basin Wrench 28. Ball Joint Splitter.
Supplied by D Douglas on the Message Board

Picture - Bill Fernie