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Latheron Agricultural Show

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10 July 2004
Latheron Show 2004 Pictures

12 July 2003
Latheron Show 2003 Pictures

Final Event At Latheron Show - The Tug-o-War Competition 13 July

Australians Take A Look At Latheron Show 13 July

All the way to Caithness - Bet they didn't expect to be running in a wheelbarrow race..............
Back home take a close look at This One

Races For Kids and Jumping Horses At Latheron Show 13 July

Winners Parade At Latheron Show 13 July

Flower Show At Latheron Show 13 July

A Pilots Yarn - Uncle Dan, the Pentland Firth Pilot 13 July
By David Grant, teacher at Canisbay School 1857-1861
Thanks to Hugo Ross for preparing this poem for the web site.  The poem was once recited at many a Christmas Treat in Caithness.

Winners At The Latheron Show 12 July

Fun And Flying At The Latheron Show 12 July

And More Pictures From The Latheron Show 12 July

More Latheron Show 12 July

First Latheron Show Pictures 12 July

1 July 03
80th Latheron Show
Saturday 12 July 2003
Helicopter Trips At Latheron Show 12 July

Latheron show will be the place this year to see round part of the county from the air when they have a helicopter doing short flights for about 15.  If you want to get up and take a few aerial photos then put 12 July in your diary for a quick trip on the east of Caithness.

Bid For Two Five Minutes Flights For Up To Five People
The Latheron Show organisers auction for two flights for up to five people  If want to bid for a ticket email Helen Budge at helenbudge@aol.com with your opening bid.  The latest bid price will be posted here on the web site until the final bid on 10th July.

1 July 03
Latheron Show Entries Up For 2003
Entries are up on last year in all sections.  the site is the same as last year at Occumster courtesy of Mr and Mrs D Gunn. Judging starts 10 am,  
Horse Competitions 9.30 am
parade of animals  approx 1.30 pm.
 Flower Tent /home industries / children's sports/ tug of war (teams needed) baby show/ Highland Dancing Display/ Thurso Junior Pipe Band/ Fortune Teller???/ face painting / Horse Sports/
Horse Jumping/  Dog Show/  Side Shows / Pillow fights/ Welly Throwing/
Helicopter rides around Lybster supplied by P.B.G. Helicopters .

79th Latheron Show
Saturday 13 July 2002

Latheron Show Pictures

Horses At Latheron Show 14 July

Vintage Machinery At Latheron Show 14 July

Fun At Latheron Show 14 July
There were plenty of kids ready to have ago at old fashioned pillow fights on the slippery pole at the Latheron Show.  There was a big crowd out at the show helped no doubt by the gloriously sunny day.  The ground was in excellent condition  - dry and firm.   There was plenty of entertainment throughout the day and more pictures coming later.


Presidents of Latheron Agricultural Society 1911 - Present Day