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Caithness News Bulletins 2003

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A9 Trunk Road
Helmsdale to Ord of Caithness Improvements
Phase 2 Route Options
Blue Route

Proposed Route

Cutting Slopes

Standard 1:2 Embankment

Broadleaved Wood Planting

Proposed Scrub Planting

Agricultural Grassland Vegetation

Rough Grassland Vegetation

Rock Cuttings With Vegetation

Existing A9

Existing Woodland

Proposed Mixed Woodland

Proposed Woodland by Others

Section Lines

Improves visibility & geometry locally
Negligible reduction in journey times
Few overall benefits to road users
Low geometric standard
Local accesses remain
Cannot accommodate climbing lane
Scheme cost - 1.26m
No economic benefit for capital outlay
Good fit with the landscape
Only localised visual impacts
Limited field severance
Follows line of historic Old North Road
Avoids cultural heritage areas
Negligible nature conservation implications

Blue Route From The North

Blue Route From The South