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Calling Highland Craft Makers - Exhibition Opportunity
Craft makers are wanted to participate in an exhibition, particularly in jewellery, basket making, casting (metal, glass) and stone.

Craft Residencies in the Highlands

Showcase Exhibition
There will be a small showcase exhibition at each of the main schools or a venue nearby for the duration of the programme raising awareness of the residency and crafts within the school community.  One piece of work from the maker in residence and two other makers will be selected for the showcase exhibition.  Having three makers who work in different ways within the same craft discipline will allow for a greater understanding of the techniques and materials involved and the working practice of each maker.

Handling Collection
A handling collection will be created by each of the three selected makers to allow pupils and teachers the opportunity to understand how the work is made. Having three different methods of working explained within the same craft discipline will allow comparisons to be made and the potential of that craft to be fully explored.  The handling collection will consist of part-made objects, raw materials and explanatory materials - for example, copies of design ideas, sketchbooks, and photographs.

Fees for Showcase Exhibition
An exhibition fee of 200 will be payable to each artist whose work is shown.  Ownership of the work remains with the artist.  The work should be available to the Highland Council for exhibition for a period of one year.

Fees for Handling Collection
A fee of 150 will be payable to the selected artist for compiling a Handling Collection.  The collection will remain the property of the Highland Council. It is anticipated that this work will be used as a resource by the Highland Council for future projects.

The Highland Council and the Scottish Arts Council.

Contact For Further Information or to apply
Pamela Conacher Pamela.connacher@care4free.net
The deadline is 14 Feb 2005