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Pro Nuclear Group To See Prime Minister Tony Blair On Wednesday 12 July
A group of people representing many workers in the nuclear industry will present Prime Minister Tony Blair with a petition and letters in support of the retaining the nuclear option for the production of electricity in the UK

John Deighan UKAEA Dounreay will be one of four delegates to meet the Prime Minister.  The others are Stuart McGhie British Energy, John L Rogerson Chapelcross, Howard D Rooms BNFL

John Deighan UKAEA Dounreay will also deliver a letter from the Thurso and Wick Trade Union Council.

A further letter from the Chamber of Commerce will also be handed over to the Prime minister.

Over recent months organisations have been gathering signatures for a petition in support of the nuclear option in the UK

Leaflet Gathering Support For the Nuclear Option

Text Of The Letter To Be Delivered To the Prime Minister on 12 July 2006

From Thurso and Wick Trade Union Council

Rt Hon Tony Blair MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Prime Minister

Nuclear New Build - DOUNREAY

The Thurso and Wick Trade Union Council support the concept of new build at the Dounreay site.

In the early fifties the government decided to place the experimental fast reactor at the Dounreay site in Caithness the project was welcomed by the local community even with the uncertainties the technology posed.

Over the last 50 years UKAEA at Dounreay has prospered with minor ups and downs in employment but has always sustained commitment from the local community to the nuclear industry.

This commitment has been put under pressure on many occasions by many diverse organisations but always the major section of the local community has fully supported the aims and objectives of the industry.

With this in mind the Thurso and Wick Trade Union Council have always supported the concept of new build at Dounreay. We have always argued for an integrated energy policy that includes renewable, oil, gas, clean coal and nuclear. This policy was endorsed at the Scottish Labour party spring conference. In addition the STUC passed a similar motion at their spring conference.

We would therefore ask you to fully support our view that under any new energy policy that Dounreay be considered as the site for a new nuclear build as it will have the support not only the Trades Unions, the Dounreay workforce but also the wider community.

Yours faithfully,

Derrick Milnes
Chair Thurso and Wick Trade Union Council