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1 August 2001
A number of media outlets are running claims that decommissioning work at Dounreay has been held up because of alleged difficulties in the provision of monitoring services. This is totally untrue and UKAEA today issued the following statement to correct any erroneous impression this has created:
"The UK Atomic Energy Authority at Dounreay has a contract with a company, AEA Technology, to provide radiological monitoring services to support work across the site. Recently, an unusually high level of high sickness among the contractor's staff depleted the resources available to UKAEA under this contract for a very short period.

As a result, UKAEA prioritised the available resources and this meant that a few relatively minor jobs were held up for a day or so. The jobs included gutter-cleaning and road-sweeping. At no stage whatsoever was any essential safety cover compromised, all routine monitoring was completed and no work was done without appropriate monitoring. No decommissioning was affected.

Very quickly, staffing levels returned to their normal level. The impact on the site was negligible."