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The staff of the Manpower site in Thurso were given the opportunity of a free Health & Fitness Check at their workplace over the past two weeks. A Health Mobile Unit was on site (courtesy of Healthy Highland Men) and manned by Jean Macleod, Development Worker, HHM & Margaret Bremner, Scotland’s Health at Work (SHAW) Adviser for Caithness & Sutherland.


172 staff were “treated” to the “5-minute MOT” which included: -
Blood pressure; Stress Profile; Discussion on lifestyle, alcohol consumption, balanced diet, physical activity, Smoking and health, Body mass index, Body composition analyser, Peak flow meter (lung capacity), Strength test and (for men) On the spot full lipid cholesterol and glucose test. Each member of staff received a copy of the “5-minute MOT” booklet recording their own personal details.

Feedback was very positive and the event declared an extremely useful & worthwhile exercise by everyone involved. Some brave souls even agreed to be photographed using the various pieces of equipment.

Manpower are SHAW Bronze Award holders. SHAW is now part of the new Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives. For further information on what SHAW can do for your workplace, contact Margaret on 07810 307 801 or check out the following links: -