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Reacting to the reports that BSE infected meat may have entered the food chain through the former Wick abattoir, Far North MSP Jamie Stone said:  "This is very concerning news. It is vital that consumers are confident that Scottish beef is safe.  "Along with many others, I raised strong concerns three years ago following the award of the vet service contract to a firm in Leeds. "This decision ended the contract with local vets who had provided and excellent service, on site, for many years.  "It is important that any investigation into this incident considers whether the vet tendering process should shoulder some of the blame for this unfortunate event.  "I will be raising this matter with Scottish ministers as a matter of urgency."

The Wick BSE Story In The Scotsman - 17 March 2005

Mistakes 'Led to High-Risk Beef Entering Food Chain'  Scotsman 17 March 2005

Wick Slaughterhouse Breach 11 August 2004 - Food Standards web site

From the Food Standards Web Site -

11/08/04 Wick Slaughterhouse, Wick , Scotland (1153) Thymus SRM found on 7 bovine carcases during MHS audit and 4 more on investigation, one containing spinal cord. The SRM was removed under MHS supervision before the carcases were released into the food chain. I carcase from an animal slaughtered at the same time entered the food chain. Although this potentially had thymus attached there is no evidence to confirm this.