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Asthma UK is planning to come to Wick and needs some help to gather views on Asthma Services.

Youíre Asthma Services
Tell Us What You Think

What Do You Think?
Plans have been made to improve asthma services to make sure children and young people get the help they need when they need it.
We want to find out what you think of the help you get for your asthma and how you think asthma services could be made better.

You Donít Have To Talk To Us If You Donít Want To. You can choose.

Here are some questions you might want to ask before you make up your mind....

Who wants to ask me what I think?
We are Children in Scotland and Asthma UK Scotland.
Children in Scotland is a charity that works to make life better for children and young people in Scotland.
Asthma UK Scotland is a charity that helps children and young people and adults with asthma.

We think itís important that children get to say what they think and that adults pay attention to them.

Why do you want to know what I think?
The National Health Service, which is in charge of things to do with you asthma services. (Like doctors and clinics), have asked us to find out. They want to improve the
Way children's asthma services work and they want us to find out what you think of their ideas and suggestions.

Who would I be talking to?
You would be part of a group of children and young people talking to a participation worker. This is a person whose job it is to find out what people think and then tell the people that can make a difference, they would ask you questions, encourage you to think about things and make a record of things that you tell them.

It would take about one hour. If you didnít feel like saying very much or you didnít want to join in with some parts, that would be fine.

What would happen to the things I tell you?
The things you tell us will be recorded and put together with the things other people told us. We will then write a report, saying what we found out. This will help the National Health Service to work out what to do to make childrenís asthma services better.

Will you want to know anything else about me?
Yes, if you take part, we will ask your age, if you are a boy or girl and roughly how often your asthma bothers you. We wonít talk to other people about these things-itís just so we know who we talked to.

I donít want people knowing my private stuff!
You donít have to tell us anything if you donít want too.
Your name wonít be written down anywhere, so it would be hard for anyone to know who was who.

Would any one else know what I said?
We wonít talk to other people about what you said. The only time we would tell someone else is if you said you were not safe, or you said someone else wasnít safe.

We might put some of your exact words in the report. But we wouldnít put your name in, so it would be hard for anyone to work out who said what. If thereís anything you donít want us to put in the report, just say and we wonít put it in.

What do I do if I want to take part?
If you want to take part, Please fill out the tear-off slip on the accompanying letter and return to us. If you are under 12 we need to ask for permission from the person who looks after you as well as you.

What happens afterwards?
Once weíve finished writing our report, we will send you a letter telling you what we have found out.

What happens if I donít want to do this?
Nothing-thatís no problem. You can just forget about this leaflet.

I need to know more!
If you want to ask some questions before you make up your mind, you can ask the person who gave you this leaflet, they will find out more for you!
Thank you for reading this leaflet!!

National Standards for Asthma Services for Children
Tell Us What You Think

National Health Service Quality Improvement Scotland (NHS QIS) www.nhsquality.org  is committed to improving the experience that children and young people have when accessing asthma services. NHSQIS are developing National Standards for Asthma services for Children. The purpose of the standards is to improve asthma services for children and young people.

To insure that the standards address the concerns and needs of asthma service users, NHSQIS has commissioned Children in Scotland d and Asthma UK Scotland
To consult with children with asthma and parents of children with asthma.

We want to talk to you and use your experiences to develop and improve asthma services for children and young people.

We want to find out about your experience of asthma services:

What is important to you?
What issues have you had with services?
How can services be improved?

Your views will be used to develop the National Standards for Asthma Services for Children.

Would you like to be involved? Contact us on:
01312262544 (Elaine) or
01312222440( Claire) or

WHO: Parents of children with asthma?
Children with asthma

What: we will run a series of 10 age-related activities/focus groups across Scotland

Where: we will come to a location near you

When: March or April 2006