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Caithness Heat And Power  

Scottish Agricultural College Aberdeen 29th March 2006, 10am-12.00

Places will be limited - please let them know ASAP if you wish to attend
In summary, the UTC Purecell 200 produces 200kW electrical power and 270 kWthermal It takes sewage from 8,000-1000 people to fuel it This equates to of 5mWe for a city the size of Aberdeen, 125MW for Scotland

Why could you be interested
* Many of you are consuming energy at ever increasing costs

* Many of you have waste to dispose of costing you money

* Your Tenants face escalating energy costs

* Some developments face high costs for sewage management

* You could reduce you energy costs using the waste resources you OWN

* Scottish Agricultural College Aberdeen 29th March 2006, 10am-12.00

Fuel sources
* Farm slurries, pigs, cows, chickens .

* Unlike combustion the nutrients are preserved

* Human sewage, housing estates, large commercial buildings

* Organic wastes from hotels, factories, supermarkets

There is no charge for this event

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Dave McGrath
Managing Director
siGEN Ltd
Fuel Cell Power Solutions