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Thurso High School was delighted to be informed recently that a group of its Sixth Year pupils have been chosen to receive the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Award for their outstanding contribution to the school community.

The six pupils – all elected by their peer group to serve on the Sixth Year Executive Committee – were chosen as representatives of the various committees and activities which have been in operation in the school this session.

Calum Bain and Laura Jane O’Kane have served on the Social Committee which has the task of organising events such as the Hallowe’en Party, the Senior Ball and the Leavers’ Lunch. They are also very active members of the Environmental Group who have designed and created a new patio area in the school playground.

Jamie Brotherston is the Executive Committee Secretary and has taken photographs for the Year Group at several of the social events which have taken place. She also set up the lighting for many of the activities run by the committees. Jamie is one of the team of S/6 pupils who assist in Learning Support, Special Educational Needs and Special Education Unit work. She has scribed for a second year pupil this session.

Kirsty Hinds as Treasurer of the Executive Committee has had responsibility not only for their financial matters but has also had the overview of the financial transactions of the other committees along with their treasurers. She was involved in the very successful pantomime put on for the rest of the school and has been an enthusiastic pupil representative on the newly formed School Nutrition Action Group.

Darryn Mackay as Chairman of the Executive Committee has steered the Sixth Year very skillfully through the events of a busy year. He has taken an active role in many of the organised events such as the pantomime and the “Slaves For A Day” auction as well as various sporting fixtures.

Jill Rosie is a member of the Fundraising Committee which has put on a wide variety of well organised and very successful events to raise funds for S/6 activities and for charities. She has also been connected to the Yearbook Committee and has made a valuable contribution to the School Board for the past two years.

The group have also been very involved in informal meetings held each term with members of the People First Group – a new initiative and one which has proved very rewarding. Along with other 6th Year pupils they helped settle in the new First Year and encouraged the work of the Anti-Bullying Group over the year.

The Award was presented at the Leavers’ Lunch in the Royal Hotel on May 13th by Commander Paul Cariss (Retired), the guest speaker for the Day.

The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Award was launched nationwide in April 2000 to recognise and celebrate the outstanding contributions made by many secondary school students to their schools and communities. The Award is given to those students nominated by their schools for:
· Improving the life of others; or
· Enhancing the school or community in which the young people live; or
· Showing exemplary progress in personal development, especially in adverse circumstances.

Each secondary school in the United Kingdom can annually nominate one student or group of students for an Award. Since the scheme began as a pilot in September 1999, over 3,600 pupils from 1165 secondary schools across the UK have received awards.