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Caithness News Bulletins May 2003

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Pentland Model Boat Club 2003 Show 10 May 03
A truly magnificent display of model boats most of which are capable of sailing with power controls was on display in Thurso.  With several categories  of models on show the judges had a difficult task in picking winners.  Once they made their decisions there were four winners Ted Miller, Andrew Anderson, Brian Hughes and Des Marchant.  Ted miller came out winner over all and carried off more than one section trophy.

Pentland Model Boat Club has gained a reputation of being one of the best in the country and its members frequently win competitions in other parts of the country.   The club has about two dozen members and their attention to detail and huge amount of skill in creating the models is breathtaking.  Everything is made from scratch although some have one or two accessories that are not such as small cars or people.  In some cases hulls are bought in but many of the models have the hulls also made by the modeller.

Many of the models can be seen on Sunday mornings at the pond in the park on Thurso