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Kempo Jujitsu……Caithness
Saturday May 17th saw the 2003 Spring gradings for NMAS in the Boys Brigade Hall Thurso. Senior grading sensei on the day was Willie Nicolson 2nd Dan of the Nicolson Kempo Jujitsu School. It was a wonderful sunny day with the Hall filled with nervous children and adults. Sometimes even more nervous were the parents as they were so aware as to how much the gradings meant to the kids.

The day kicked off at around 12.00 Noon with the new kids going for their first belts, which was there junior yellow.


For this belt they had to show a general knowledge of basic physical exercises and perform techniques ranging from throws to arm locks. As well as being able to show good hand and eye coordination it was also a test of concentration and memory. Ages ranged from 8----12 years old, all did exceptionally well, especially as nerves were playing up a little. Two names stand out in this section though and it happens to be the two youngest: Laura Mc Combie and Cassandra Henderson both of whom handled the pressure in their strides for such tender ages.

Next up were the candidates for the Junior Orange Stripe Belts.   This lot performed very well, as they were not so nervous because they had graded before. In this section the students had to show a more refined knowledge of their techniques and be able to demonstrate their previously learned belt syllabus to a higher degree. All candidates did very well.

Next up it was the turn of the students going for their Junior Yellow Second Stripe Belt. Again as with the previous belts, students had to show a better working knowledge of all the techniques they had previously learned as well as demonstrate what was needed for their new Belt. In this section Rhys Reid showed magnificent determination, concentration and tenacity to accomplish his belt.

Next Junior Belt was the Orange. This belt is a darkening of the colour representing a more in-depth knowledge of the beginner’s techniques. Two students were up for this one; Matthew Boyce and Pamela Taylor. This was a tough grading for both of the students who were very nervous but they had to put that behind them and perform their techniques to perfection in front of the audience. Both students excelled themselves, with a demonstration of very hard, technical and precise techniques. The phrase “the fairer sex” exited stage left during this grading. Especial congratulations to Matthew for being able to beat his nerves.

To finish the juniors was the Orange Belt Red Stripe. Only one up for this belt and that was Christopher Newell. Chris’s speed and technical ability really showed through. He did a marvellous grading, flowing beautifully from one technique to the next. Best junior technical grading on the day.

Following the juniors were the seniors.
Two new students were up for their first belt; Jamie MacKay and Michael Green.
Both students did well, especially Mike who damaged his shoulder at the beginning of the grading but determinately carried on until the end.


Senior Yellow Belt Orange Stripe was contested by the only senior lady grading on the day…Rachel Robinson. As with the men she was determined that her performance was of a high calibre, this she did and passed with flying colours.

Finally to finish off the day was the senior Orange Belts. This again was a really tough grading. One of the students going for this belt was Robert Bell, for him it was a big grading as it would be the transition from Junior to Senior Class. Students performed all the techniques they had learned from their first day in the dojo (training hall) to the day of the grading. Robert had to perform the entire senior syllabus from White to Orange as well as the entire junior syllabus previously learned. At the end of the grading students had to perform rapid defences against two man attacks for approximately ten minutes. Performance was excellent and new grades were achieved.

Thanks also is due to Iain Pollock who gave up his Saturday to help with the gradings and participate in the supervising of the children

Full Results:
Junior Yellow Belt:
Murray Ferrier, Cassandra Henderson, Michael Jack, Dominic and Liam Long, Donna Mc Alpine, Laura Mc Combie, Aaron Miller, Andrew Reynolds, Robert and Andrew Smith, Jack Sutherland, Hannah Swanson and Michael Mc Kenzie.

Junior Yellow Belt Orange stripe:
Calum McLennan, Alisdair Rankine, Aaron Swanson and Johnny Williamson.

Junior Yellow Second Stripe:
Rhys Reid and Traylon Peat.

Junior Orange Belt:
Pamela Taylor and Matthew Boyce.

Junior orange Belt Red Stripe:
Christopher Newell

Senior Yellow Belt:
Michael Green and Jamie MacKay

Senior Orange Belt Red Stripe:
Rachael Robinson

Senior Orange Belt:
Gary MacLean and Robert Bell.

Classes are held in Wick and Thurso every week.
Wick Tuesday night…………Juniors 7.00-----8.00 Seniors 8.00-----10.00
Thurso Wednesday nights…...Juniors 7.00-----8.00 Seniors 8.00-----10.00

First lesson free.  www.kempojujitsu.me.uk

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