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1. To Track Quarry!

2. Tracking must be undertaken safely without causing any damage in the process.

3. Follow the Country Code.


The Quarry is a seal carved in a rubber stamp contained in a plastic box. Also in the box is an ink pad (to copy the seal) and a note book (to record the successful location of the Quarry).

You need to track down the Quarry from given clues – hence ‘Tracking’! The equipment you need is appropriate clothing for the weather and terrain, blank postcards to capture the Quarry, map and compass.

The Biggest single skill you need is the skill to recognise when the Quarry is beyond your capability. In such cases – train yourself in the relevant skills for the Quarry to no longer be beyond your capability and Track it down.

You can create your own Quarry (and the supporting clues) for others to Track. Remembering always to follow the Tracking Rules.

Quarry Clues:

1. In the far north east is my abode –
with a view of the sea and the sand
With the sounds of surf and burn
Surrounded I am.

Swallowed in a coil of running ‘serpent’
Lays a rocking wheel,
6 metres from which is my lair
bearing not half-past but half of a right angle

2. The Highest point of the north east mainland tip marks my trail
Head to the light never reached and follow the boundary round
admiring the scenery and the surround
The direction will needle you but needled you must go
‘til a wood trail you’ll arrive and finish before you know
If you touch soil again then you know
you’ve not woken me from my slumber
…because well hidden I sleep bent near the edge . . .

Currently there is no Sports Body for Tracking and as such this page is only to raise awareness of the Sport.  This page has been compiled by Miles Greenford (myself - having a passion for the Sport). If you would like to know more about Tracking, or to form a Tracking Club (of Interest) then please contact me - miles_greenford@hotmail.com