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Caithness Archaeology Takes Another Step Forward

MR. CAMERON TAYLOR - Appointment to CAT and YHT

It was announced to day that following a series of public meetings and consultation with a wide variety of local groups, the Caithness Archaeological Trust is moving very swiftly to full constitution as a charitable group, aiming to raise the profile of the Caithness archaeological record, through research, conservation and promotion. The name of Caithness should be synonymous with the highest quality of research and presentation, and to this end, the Trust has today appointed Mr. Cameron Taylor, of Orkney to formulate a 5-year business and strategy plan to drive the project forward.

Mr. Taylor has already been appointed as consultant to the Yarrows Heritage Trust, which will deal with the more specific project already on-going in the Yarrows area, and which will be crucial to our understanding and promotion of Caithness archaeology as a whole.

A programme of consultation with partnership groups and individuals with an interest or responsibility for archaeology, will be announced shortly.

Both Trusts would like to thank Caithness and Sutherland Enterprise, and the Community Economic Development fund for their joint funding of these posts, and for their encouragement and advice.

Islay MacLeod, Vice-chair, Yarrows Trust, Secretary - Caithness Archaeological Trust steering group said today, “We are delighted to have been able to secure Cameron’s involvement for both Trusts. His track record in Orkney and beyond speaks for itself, and will also enable us to forge valuable links across the Firth. The importance of Caithness archaeology has always been recognised by the academic world, and the opportunity now presents itself, to widen its appeal to the general public, and to bring real and lasting benefits to the whole of Caithness.”

There is a great deal of co-operation between the two new trusts and Nan Bethune - Chair, Dunbeath Preservation Trust, Treasurer - Caithness Archaeological Trust steering group said “The group will provide an excellent focus for discussion and action, and Cameron’s skill in bringing people together and helping to make things happen has impressed us all” -

Who Is Cameron Taylor?
Cameron Taylor is a partner in Seabridge, the Orkney-based agency specialising in tourism and heritage. Prior to setting up the business, Cameron held senior positions at Orkney Tourist Board and the Scottish Tourist Board. As Chief Executive of Orkney Tourist Board he quickly identified archaeology as one of the principal attractions and changed the focus of the Board’s marketing to reflect that.

He helped establish the Orkney Archaeological Trust, of which he was a founding Trustee and Honorary Executive Director. He is now an adviser to the Trust.

As well as undertaking projects in Scotland and elsewhere, Cameron is tourism tutor at Orkney College. He is on the course team for the recently validated Archaeology MA course, for which he developed an Archaeology and Tourism module.