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How Far Can Three Guys In Kilts Get Raising Money For Charity?

Weel France Actually!!

Thurso Pipe Band members set out to raise money for the local Highland Hospice Charity and to help for the younger members of the Thurso Pipe Band’s Trip to Brilon in Germany.

Thurso Pipe Band will undertook a sponsored 24-hour challenge on the 18th of May 2002, which consisted of ten people (five teams of two) trying to get as far away from Thurso as possible. Its purpose was to raise as much money as possible for the hospice and the band.

Ten of the band were dropped off at John O'Groats with no prior warning of the setting out point on Saturday morning.  the aim is to get as far away from “Thurso” in 24hrs by means of blagging lifts.  The challenge ended after the 24hr period was up and the furthest team from Thurso as the crow flies won the challenge. The rules were that you could not use your own transport, and had to stick with your partner for the duration of challenge and they had to have some evidence that they had been at the said destination.

Wearing kilts and fancy dress they set off and reached a variety of distances.

They did really well and one group were lucky enough to be donated a free car by an Inverness Car hire firm as long as they left it at Dover.  On the trip they managed to get offers of free ferry tickets to France , meals, drinks and collect lots of money.  A kilt and hairy legs will get you anywhere.

The money was raised by members of the whole band.   Linda Cormack at Practical car and van rental Wick Airport helped with the car hire and local garages contributed fuel.

Two teams made it to a small town in France called Abbeville, 2 hours south of Calais within the 24 hours allowed.

One team made it to the port of Calais.

One team made it to Aberdeen

And the last team made it to Inverness collecting a lot of money on the way.

And they have raised over £2000 collected along the way by well-wishers.

The lads having a well earned drink