New Wick Sewage Treatment Works

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Wick Invitation 
4 December 2001  2.00pm - 8.00pm
General Purpose Room at the Wick Assembly Rooms

Residents of Wick in Caithness will have the opportunity to learn more about a new £4.3million sewage treatment plant planned for the town. 

For the first time Wick will have its sewage treated before it is discharged into the sea. At the moment the area’s raw sewage is only screened before it is discharged into the sea off Wick’s North Head.

 A drop in session, being held by North of Scotland Water Authority next week (Tuesday 4 December), will explain how the project will clean up the sea and meet tough new regulations.

NoSWA’s Project Manager, Peter Wilson, explained that the new plant, proposed for Wick’s North Head, will provide secondary treatment to sewage before it is discharged into the sea.

“It is proposed to provide full biological treatment so that the final discharge meets tight new European laws.  The sewage will be screened and treated by bacteria which will grow and feed off the waste helping to purify it before it goes into the sea.  This will help clean up the local environment.  We hope to start work on the plant in spring 2002 and have it finished by the autumn 2003.  

“The work is part of a £500million investment by NoSWA to modernise and improve sewage treatment systems and sewerage systems throughout its area.”

The drop in session will be held on Tuesday 4 December in the General Purpose Room at the Wick Assembly Rooms from 2pm to 8pm. Anyone who would like more information in advance of the session can contact NoSWA’s 24 hour helpline on 0845 743 7437.