Condemn Irresponsible Speculation Regarding Security
2 November 2001

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UKAEA, Dounreay have criticised irresponsible speculation about the security of its facilities in the media following events of the September 11th.

UKAEA released the contents of a letter from Peter Welsh, Dounreay Director to Mrs Lorraine Mann which dismissed as irresponsible her speculation of security of the site.

"We take the security of this site very seriously indeed and you can be assured that every appropriate precaution is taken and kept under constant review by a team of highly professional staff. I'm sure you will understand that it would not be appropriate to enter into discussion with you about the nature, scope or linkages of any of these measures, or any changes that have occurred since September 11th. We do not believe these measures have been compromised by the release of information to the Highland Council as part of the statutory planning process. The security of UKAEA sites is regulated by the Office for Civil Nuclear Security and the information we have released as part of the planning process is consistent with current advice. You may be assured that OCNS, with the assistance of HSE/NII, is reviewing all the precautions at nuclear sites throughout the UK following September 11th.

I note from the comments attributed to you in the News of the World of 14 October 2001 that you have expressed a lack of confidence in other aspects of our security. May I reassure you that those of us who work here have complete confidence in our arrangements and I do not believe that engaging in speculation with the readers of News of the World about such matters in any way contributes to preventing the sort of scenario you say you want to avoid."

Other Security Issues
On other Security UKAEA would not be drawn in article in the John O'Groat Journal by Corrina Thomson 2 November 2001.
Visible security measures such as off site parking , double steel gates and the carrying of sub machine guns by the UKAEA Constabulary are more obvious precautions.  Site tours have been suspended since 11 September.  Information on European Nuclear Waste has been removed from the Internet as a precaution.
The repercussions of the tragedy have also begun to affect consultations on the long term storage of waste. including below and above ground facilities.  It is not government policy to disclose details of security measures taken at civil nuclear sites.