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Caithness Civic Awards 2002
The Caithness Civic Awards were held in the Weigh Inn, Thurso on the 27th November.  Five special people received beautiful glass trophies for their contributions in society over the years. The five were; Isobel Wares, Willie Lyall, Andy Anderson, Wendy Alexander and Louise Shakespeare.

Andy with the Citizen of the Year medal

Back (L-R); Willie Lyall, Wendy Alexander and Louise Shakespeare,
Front (L-R); Lesley Riddoch, Isobel Wares, Andy Anderson and John Rosie.

One was then chosen as Caithness Citizen of the Year.  This years winner was Andy Anderson from Wick. The awards were introduced by Lesley Riddoch, journalist and broadcaster with the BBC. 

The sponsors of the event were: North of Scotland Newspapers, WS Atkins, Norfrost, Subsea 7, and JGC Engineering and Technical Services. The medal for citizen of the year was presented by Caithness Convener, John Rosie.

Pictures by John Baikie www.jgbphotography.co.uk  
For More Civic Award Pictures gto to www.johnbaikie.co.uk