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The publication of information about the qualifications achieved by young people in Scottish schools has been well received in the Highlands.

Councillor Andy Anderson, Chairman of The Highland Councils Education Culture and Sport Committee, said : "I am pleased that we maintain our position of being ahead of national averages in most categories.  Comparisons with like authorities are good.

"Standard grade results show us maintaining a solid position and higher results are good but there is a slight disappointment over our ability to convert excellent S grade results into excellent H grade results. This is our main challenge.

"Sixth year results are very good. There is no doubt that the new Higher Still framework is bedding in and it will take time for patterns to emerge.  "Our quality assurance scheme requires discussions between the authority and schools on examination results this is happening and we are focussing on a
requirement to improve attainment in Highland schools.

"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our pupils and staff for all their hard work."

To view the statistics for individual schools go the Scottish Executive Statistical Bulletin

Highland School Results