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Caithness.org News Bulletins -  November 2002

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Lupus Support Group Fundraiser A Big Success
The hall was packed to the door at the Royal British Legion for the first ever fundraising dance for the Caithness Lupus Support Group. Everyone was in high spirits as they danced the night away to the superb Kate Bain Band.

However Kate and her band were not the only star attraction for the evening, the venue also played host to an appearance by special guest chef Monsieur Le Plonk alias Davie Shearer, chairman for the Lupus Group. It was down to Monsieur Le Plonk to try and cook up a storm, Le Plonks task was to see how many crepes or craps as Le Plonk mistakenly referred to them could cook in one hour.

He managed to cook 32 with his assistants, wife Barbara and daughter Wendy who played the part of the waitress, handing them out to the crowd. But things did not all go according to plan when after a short time cooking the fire alarms were set off and everyone had to evacuate the building for a few minutes.

But this slight hiccup did not falter the generosity of the Caithness folk, David said that "the committee were totally overwhelmed not only by the turnout but also the huge amount of money that was raised, the grand total was 2051.88".

The Caithness Lupus Support Group was set up in April to promote, raise the awareness of the Lupus and help sufferers in the local area. The disease is a chronic disorder which attacks healthy organs like the heart, kidneys, brain, liver or even the skin.

The money raised will go towards the purchase of a motorised scooter for a local suffer.

Anyone who wants to find out more then please get in touch with Mr. Shearer on 01847 851 775.