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Changing Sound Delivery
12 October 2001

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Another Award Winning Web Site Beats The Big Boys

3qsound 'eliminate' the physical product completely in award winning web venture.   At the recent UK Online Music Awards eyebrows were raised when a new, innovative music services site, 3qsound.com, forged ahead of some of the big names such as Sony, EMI and Virgin to win the coveted 'Best UK Business to Business Internet Site'. For its founders, Mark Scrimgeour, Mike Wilkie and Matthew Corbett, the award affirmed their belief in a website that is devastatingly simple, yet rigorously effective.

3qsound.com has eliminated physical product almost entirely.  The reasons for all the attention are immediately apparent when visiting the site. 3q has used the internet to completely circumvent the traditional way of doing business, and is using the web in the most exciting way possible.

The company has virtually eliminated physical product, with demand being satisfied almost immediately. 3q provides the highest quality music, voiceovers and sound effects to the world's music, television, IT and commercial sectors. Furthermore, challenging traditional values the work is all royalty free, removing concerns over rights and usage for anyone who chooses to download from the site.

As bandwidth increases, the company's target markets become increasingly wider too, with every serious PC user across the globe becoming a potential customer of this simply laid out, user friendly site.  MD Mark Scrimgeour comments; "Music is everywhere, on television, radio, on the web, it is around us when we shop, we listen at home, it provides the soundtrack to all our lives." He continues "in the commercial sector too, music has long been associated with strong branding. This does not just mean in vast advertising campaigns, but in simple powerpoint presentations, at company conferences, even holding the interest of a customer whilst they wait for a representative to take their call. It is a vital communications tool."

3q enables users in all media to acquire music quickly and cheaply without the need to fill in forms, or to seek permission from copyright owners. All the products on the site are either composed in house or originated by the team at the based in a converted chicken shed in rural Warwickshire Mike Wilkie, Head of Music at 3q continues; "Music works really well on the web, that's a fact, and despite the ambivalence that is felt by the financial and business communities with regard to web based businesses we have a practical sense of purpose with 3qsound.com. As the sceptics doubt, companies like ours are quietly weaving ourselves into the business tapestry of the future."

Let us look at an example; On Monday October 8 a Houston based company, Digital Performance, emailed a voiceover requirement to 3q, having visited the website and chosen a voiceover 'artist' to narrate their work. Within four hours the voiceover, backed by music also chosen from the site, was waiting in a special 'basket' on the site ready to be downloaded and paid for by the client. That very night Digital Performance were able to edit the voiceover and music into their production back in Houston. They were also able to download some sound effects and a short piece of music direct from the site to complete the job.

It is a simple idea which illustrates the possibilities of a true web based business. Matthew Corbett , 3q's in house producer comments; "we are operating in a true global marketplace and each day our music is downloaded by clients in numerous different countries. We have even sold to a client with a North Pole postcode! Wherever you are in the world, our music is instantly available, and jobs undertaken to brief will be delivered within the minimum timescale."

Mark Scrimgeour concludes; "Nothing impresses like immediate follow up and our mission is not only to provide a fast, high quality download service, but to provide a seamless service on jobs undertaken to brief.  Distance makes no odds, it cannot ever do so again." 3qsound demonstrates the possibilities of the web at full throttle! It's innovative, inspired and uses tons of initiative.

For further information or interview please contact the Design One Press Office on 01564 786800/827, or by email to mike.w@3qsound.co.uk