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Firework Safety
25 October 2001

For detailed information on go to  UK Firework Safety Pages
It's coming up to November 5 once again when traditionally many people have bonfires and firework displays.  But every year many people and especially children are hurt  - some seriously - scarred or disabled for life.  Take a look at the UK Firework Safety pages and take every precaution they suggest.  You are dealing with explosives no matter how small they may be.  If handled carefully they can be great fun but sometimes accidents will happen if care is not taken.

More seriously yet are dangers caused by people setting fireworks off in public places to frighten or alarm individuals or groups.  Police forces will be taking a serious view of these actions and will press charges against anyone caught carrying out acts of this nature.

Here for example is what the Ross-shire police have issued -


Police in Ross-shire are concerned at a recent increase in calls relating to the misuse of fireworks in public places.  Some of these incidents have had the potential to cause serious injury or damage to property due to the reckless manner in which they have been handled or indeed thrown in public places by local youths.  It has become apparent that some individuals in towns and villages across Ross-shire continue to indulge in this antisocial and highly dangerous behaviour.

Chief Inspector David O'Connor, said today "My officers will pro-actively target those individuals who indulge in this type of senseless behaviour.  There are obviously some individuals who get a thrill out of throwing and lighting fireworks in public places. Apart from the obvious dangers, this type of conduct causes particular distress to the young, the elderly, as well as all kinds of animals.  Persons who are caught will be charged and reported to the Procurator Fiscal as it appears that some of the mindless minority are still not getting the message."

In the meantime, police will work closely with the Local Authority and closely supervise those retail outlets which sell fireworks to ensure that safety standards are maintained.

Police forces everywhere will be taking a similar line but the need to handle fireworks safely is a must and young children should never handle them.  The loss of an eye or worse is all too easy.  Read all the instructions on fireworks