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Dounreay Volunteers Improving The Path At Thurso River

Staff from Dounreay have been assisting again in a British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) Project at the Thurso River.  There were 18 staff from all areas of the Dounreay site in total, split between the Thursday and Friday. It took two full days to achieve their target using the materials provided, although they finished slightly sooner on the Friday due to all their hard work over the two days.

  Last Oct and earlier this year the Dounreay team made fantastic progress with improving/building a path alongside the Thurso River up from the second bridge near the cemetery gates. This project was chosen with the help of Tom Jackson as part of the long-term plans for refurbishment and environment works along the river.

In the latest two days the volunteers did 150 metres of path during the two days, which means 300 metres in total has now been done, with a further 150 metres remaining. 

Ken Constable, of Dounreay Decommissioning Group in DFR, explained 'it is very hard but pleasurable and rewarding work and it's good to be involved in a project of this nature that benefits the local community'.