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Countryside Volunteers Rangers In Caithness North School

The school grounds of North Primary, Wick turned into a gardening frenzy last Sunday when a group of 10 volunteers turned out to assist planting in the wildlife area of the school. The wildlife garden has been on-going for three years and has involved a range of projects such as planting broadleaf trees, wildflower plugs and flowering shrubs, constructing a wooden sheltering fence, building a raised flower bed, and provision of seating and picnic tables around the school.

Sunday's volunteers planted a range of flowering shrubs including honey suckle, buddlia and flowering currant. The shrubs hope to bring some colour to the garden and attract a range of insects such as butterflies and bees into the area.

Marina Swanson; local countryside ranger for the Planning and Development Service of The Highland Council said: "I was delighted with the number of volunteers on Sunday - we managed to get all the planting completed before the rain started! Many thanks for all the volunteers who turned out on the day and to Mrs Marjory Mackenzie for donating a range of plants to the project."

The Caithness Countryside Volunteers take part in countryside projects through out the county and are always looking to recruit new members. If you enjoy the outdoors and practical work, please contact Marina Swanson on 01955 607758 or e-mail marina.swanson@highland.gov.uk

As part of Highland Archaeology Fortnight, the Council's Countryside Rangers are leading several guided walks. A beginners guide to the Yarrows Trail takes place on Friday 14 starting from South Yarrows Farm car park at 11am and a walk up the Wick River to Altimarlich on Sunday 16 starts at Somerfield car park (boating shed end) at 11am. Please bring packed lunch, outdoor clothing and boots. For further information, contact Marina Swanson.