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Scott Mackay - The Caithness Connection - An Individual Appeal

Wick Round Table  - UK Round Table - Anthony Nolan Trust

“UK Save A Life“ Big Bike Tour 1 - 11 June 2002


In Wick On 1 June 2002  - Afternoon 2.00 - 4.00pm
 at Caithness General Hospital
28 May 2002
Anthony Nolan Clinic in Wick is 2.00 - 4.00pm On Saturday
The Round Table and Anthony Nolan Save a Life Campaign gets going in Wick on Saturday at the Caithness General Hospital.   Moray firth Radio will be running an item on the campaign on the hour from 4.00pm and at 5.30pm tonight.  They will emphasis that volunteers agree to be donors for anyone and not just for one individual if they go through the Anthony Nolan Trust set up.  Nurse Jennifer martin has agreed to take all the blood samples.  The radio broadcast will also mention that the actual donations are not as bad as people think  - it is the patients who have the real problems.


Click Here For A List Of Clinics On The route For This Appeal

Every year thousands of people in the UK and around the world have their lives shattered by devastating news. Leukaemia and other bone marrow diseases strike indiscriminately and have a profound effect on all concerned.

For many patients without a family match, volunteer donors offer the only chance of life.

The Anthony Nolan Trust along with The Round Table organisation is launching a life-saving bike ride from John O’Groats to Lands End, the event takes place 1 - 11 June 2002.  The bike team will be staying at Mackays Hotel, Wick on Friday night 30 May.  they will set off on the next part of their journey to the next clinic destination whilst the clinic session is held in Wick organised by Wick Round Table.

As part of this momentous event we are holding clinics along the route giving the community the chance to join the donor register. Volunteers joining the ANT Register must be aged between 18 - 40 years, in good general health, weigh over 8 stone and be willing to donate to any patient they match.
More males and donors from ethnic minorities are urgently sought due to severe shortages from these groups.

A blood sample is required to join the ANT register, however, if matched with a patient the donor must be prepared to donate stem cells in hospital. Further details on the Anthony Nolan web site

You could offer the chance of life to some one.
What greater gift could you give?

For you the first step is easy.
For people in Caithness or willing to travel to Wick the Clinic will be held at the Caithness General Hospital on Saturday 1 June in the afternoon. Times are to be finalised and will be published here very soon.

It is just by sheer chance that the Round Table and Anthony Nolan are running this drive for more donors at this time. Testing is being done not just to find a match for one patient and volunteers are asked to remember that they are being asked to take part in the hope that they might match some one somewhere. It might just be that a match is found for Scott Mackay in the Caithness area or a place where his relatives no mater how distant have gone.

Who Can Volunteer?
You must be between the ages of 18 and 40 (43 for males & ethnic minorities)
Be fit and healthy

Weigh over 8 stone (7.5 stones for Asian /Oriental donors)

You are NOT OK as a donor if you are very over weight but the team will check this.
If you have any ongoing back problems you can only join if you are willing to donate peripheral blood stem cells.

Other Details Required
You will be asked about any medication you are taking
Do you have any medical problems in the past.

What Happens If You Are Chosen To Be A Donor?
All donors have a medical at least two weeks prior to donation - in London. Travel costs are covered

Two methods of obtaining stem cells - all donors MUST be prepared to donate stem cells from the Marrow. Stem cells are found in the blood stream (peripheral blood) as well as the marrow, but in much smaller numbers.

Harvesting Of STEM CELLS FROM THE MARROW - 2 night stay in hospitalin London, night before and night after the procedure. Marrow drawn from the back of the pelvis, using needles & syringes under general anaesthetic. After effects: soreness and bruising in the hip (site of harvest) , tiredness and lethargy expected until marrow replenished in body - approx 10 - 14 days.

To enable stem cells to be collected from the peripheral bllod the donor has a 5-day series of injections of a growth factor, granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF). G-CSF occurs naturally and controls bone marrow reproduction. First three injections are given ate home by a specialist nurse, the last two at the hospital where the collection is taking place. The extra cells generated move from the bone marrow inot cell separator machine. No overnight hospitalisation is required, and no general anaesthetic. The effects of the G-CSF before the stem cell donation may include bone pain and “flu-like” symptoms for a few days.

All donors are visited by one of the Donor Welfare Officers - follow up care given.

Marrow donors - advised to have at least one week off work - must be able to do this, and should not join if this is not possible. PBSC donors usually only have a day or two off work

Loss of earnings and travel expenses will be covered. A companion is advised to travel with the donor. A hotel will be paid for.

A donor may be asked to donate again if a patient relapses.

More detailed information will be available at clinics or from the Anthony Nolan Trust

If you are unsuitable to be a donor ask about helping in other ways.