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Caithness Community Projects are keen to run further events like Assipattle last Friday.  To do this they would like to canvass the views of people who attended the vent to help them prove the case for future funding.

Just cope the questions below in to an email and send your reply to Martion Danziger at modo@beltane.org

Audience Questionnaire

 (for multiple choice questions just delete as appropriate)


Age:     1-6      7-11      12-17      17-25       25-35      35-50       50-70      70+

 Where are you from?

Wick       Thurso       Elsewhere in Caithness       Elsewhere in the Highlands

 How did you hear about the show?

Local Press        National Press     TV or radio coverage     Poster     Flyer

Word of mouth     Someone who is in it 

How many of the following have you been to in the last year?

Theatre Shows:                          None      1       2-5      5-10      10+

Live Music:                                None      1       2-5      5-10      10+

Dance:                                      None      1       2-5      5-10      10+

Other live events:                       None      1       2-5      5-10      10+

 Have you been to other Community projects in Caithness before?

Burning Knight                           Carmen                         Revelís End

 What did you think of the show?


What ws the highlight?

Will you come to future Caithness Community Projects?     Yes     No

Any other comments

Mailing list.

If you want to be on the mailing list for Caithness Community Projects, please fill in the bit below.




Thank you for taking the time to fill this in.