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Caithness News Bulletins September 2003

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Caithness Dial-a-Ride    
Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) has commissioned a study into community transport provision in the region.

Preston-based TAS Partnership and the Derek Halden Consultancy, of Stirling, will assess the extent of community transport and demand-responsive transport schemes available throughout the HIE area.

The study will highlight examples of best practice and suggest ways in which support for this form of transport may be improved. 

The research will focus on information already available, but will also include consultation with community transport operators and support organisations. It will include traditional community transport schemes, such as 'dial-a-ride', as well as more recently introduced 'demand-responsive' services such as community taxis.

Tony Jarvis, Transport Policy Officer at HIE said: "Community transport plays a vital role in connecting people in communities, especially where public transport is not frequent or is inaccessible. This is particularly important for many of the more fragile, remote communities in the Highlands and Islands, where there may often be no other alternative for those that do not have access to a car.

"Support for a number of community transport projects has already been provided through the Local Enterprise Companies. This research will provide us with an overview and inform any future activities in this sector to support our work in strengthening communities."